Course "Basic"

Basic knowledge for the low risk trading: from opening an account to highly profitable set of skills.

Become a consistently profitable trader

Scope of the course

Useful both for beginners:
and experienced traders


A solid base to start trading

Help to choose a broker and exchange

Simple trading strategy


Universal strategy to grow your account

Analysis of your trading and identification of mistakes

Allows to form the basic approach to trading

Psychological preparation

Experienced traders

2 highly precise trading strategies

Increase of your win rate

Identification of the levels` strength

Scope of the course

The skills you will get

How to chose a broker, exchange and trading system

Trade only on the best exchanges with the technically superior instruments and use the most up-to-date trading software.

Identify big players

Identify marker-makers and trade in line with those who see the wider picture. Following the big money is the key to success.

Read charts and trade without indicators

Stop acting blindly and trade with clear vision. Use only the most relevant information. Get rid of all the rubbish, which takes your attention.

Correctly identify support and resistance levels

Avoid ambiguous situations and trade only based upon the most highly probable price patterns.

Choose highly precise entry points.

Stop trading blindly. Get the essence of trading.

Universal methodology

Easy to understand and adopt trading strategy, which is effective almost on every instrument.

Squeeze of the useful material

Course program

What does the study process look like

Study with us is easy!


5 theoretical

Over 30 video

2 weeks of
intensive course

Not more than 1-2 hours per day



Access to private forum and Telegram channel

Support group with the peers and coach


Work with the coach


Individual consultation

Revision of the studied material

study programs

Course options


100% independent study

Homework revision on every stage
Access to the private forum
Individual consultancy on homework
Access to the private chat for traders
15 days of intensive trading with the professional trader. "Ask me anything" sessions
Group online classes with Vladymyr Bazhenov
1 individual session with Vladymyr Bazhenov

PRO Basic

For those who appreciates an efficiency

Group online classes with Vladymyr Bazhenov​

Group basic

Master-class format

1 individual session with Vladymyr Bazhenov​

100% money-back guarantee

You can get money-back,
if your claim it after the first class

This is your right, but it has never happened yet!


Reasons to study with us


Start earning thousands per month trading on the stock market. In process of study and getting experience you can easily scale up your results. Trading is the profession with almost unlimited potential.


System is easy for perception and does not require any outstanding skills. We explain complex things with simple words. You study from active experienced trader rather from theorists. You get 100% useful and relevant information.


Work online at any time: from home in the morning, from office in the afternoon or from bungalow on Bali in the evening. You can work just 2 hours per day!


You can trade with minimum risk on any time-frame or market. Get the corporate account and manage corporate funds without own investments.

key advantages

Why we differ



Study from professional trader, who provide the highly effective system of knowledge with low risk tolerance.

We teach with real-time market data and prove efficiency of the system during practical sessions



We are result oriented. We guarantee, that you can pay off your study investments and be sustainably profitable, if you strictly follow the system.

The most important is that we can teach you to trade with a minimum risk.



Our system of knowledge can be easily adjusted to your request and acceptable  for all types of traders (intraday traders, scalpers, investors etc). The system is suitable for all markets (CME, NYSE, FOREX, Crypto) and almost all tradable instruments and time-frames.



We provide the full set of knowledge necessary for your stable profitability. Only squeeze of useful information and no water pouring. We provide the balanced set of knowledge in all major aspects and parameters in trading: volume, price and time.



We support outstanding results of the students due to collaborative efforts: home tasks,  control of progress, joint online trading. We support our students after the finish of course as well.



We taught over 700 grateful students and proud of 99% rate of positive feedback. Many of our students trade at the best proprietary trading firms all over the world. You can join the community of successful traders, who earn due to our system. Get access to the private forum and traders chat! 

your coach

Vladymyr Bazhenov

Active trader

Vladymyr uses the systematic approach to coaching with the progress control on every stage of study. He provides not only theoretical information but also the real practical skills in real-time trading sessions. He provides the necessary psychological preparation, which is 50% of your success.

since 2008

actively trading


monthly profit


started coaching


monthly return




students passed entry exams to leading proprietary trading firms


Frequently asked questions

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I have been trading for over 10 years and studied many trading systems, read a lot of trading literature and visited several trading courses. I figured out what these trading systems are missing. I studied their advantages and disadvantages and developed my own system as a result.

The most important what you can get from this course is the awareness of your own activity and correct logic.

You will get the balanced system which takes into account all the important market parameters: Volume, Price and Time. There are systems which concentrate mostly on volume, some of them take into account only time and price. All of these parameters are equally important.

I started my trading career with scalping and it took a lot of my time. Now I trade less frequently and invest. So I`ve got some spare time and  can use it with the favor for myself and others.

This system is not based upon any market «inefficiencies» and does not contain any constant parameters. It is flexible and suitable for every market. It provides you with the deep market understanding, as it is based upon core market  mechanisms and principles. These are the fundamentals of the buyers and sellers behavior. They have been effective for centuries and will be profitable in the future.

It is hard to answer this question definitely, cause results will differ depending on the chosen market, instrument, time-frame and trading frequency. Some traders earn 1500% monthly, some get 5% per month. There are also traders who are still in their study process and not profitable yet. It is  hardly useful and possible to provide some average performance metric.

I do not disclose information on my earnings because of ethical reasons.  I prove the profitability of the system in real-time during our classes and various webinars. You can also find my videos with real-time trading on my youtube channel.

On average you can expect to get the stable results after 6 months of practice. 

If you are the beginner trader with zero experience, I recommend to start with the demo-account. In case you succeeded to have 4 profitable weeks in a row, you can think about opening a real-money account. The most efficient way is to get an account in the proprietary trading firm, where you can trade risking the company`s assets.

Every our student who has passed the course «full» and higher gets a chance to be selected into the proprietary trading firm LMI.

Your success calculator

You want to earn:

Your deposit:

You need to make

14 trades

* statistically percentage of your profitable trades is going to be around 60%, but average profitable trade will be larger than average losing trade.

**calculations are based upon trading S&P500 future under condition of 50$ daily risk.

*** your starter deposit can be around 1000$ depending on the stock exchange and instruments you trade.

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